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Hagora Techno Treats is in the business of Nitriding and Other Heat Treatment processes similar to Nitriding.

Hagora Techno Treats is the first and foremost Introducer of the process of Nitriding in the region of Rajkot as well as Saurashtra since 1984 and is the Best Quality and Service provider according to the best of the OEM Suppliers & Exporter firms to enhance the Value of their Engineering Goods.

Our heartily involvement on this area and sincere efforts to develop this Industry has enriched us with the experience to excel in the technology.

We were featured as one of the Top Ten Heat Treatment Service providers in India by Industry Outlook Magazine 2022.


Liquid Nitriding | Gas Nitriding | Ferritic Nitrocarburizing | Nitrocarburizing | Oxidizing | Post Oxidation | Stainless Steel Nitriding | 17-4 PH Nitriding

Quality Policy

  • We have developed best of the combinations of Quality Control Parameters for different grades of ferrous materials by continual research to provide the best of Quality Specifications like the Guaranteed Case Depth, Micro Hardness and good looking and uniform grey texture.
  • Our quality means achieving it without compromising with the problems related to distortion arising out of internal and residual material stresses of your valued parts and delivery time commitment, as we understand the value of your Production Planning Cycles and Lead Time.
  • Our expertise and years of experience in the area has made us to solve the most commonly faced problems like Bending/Distortion of materials which is unique as compared to other heat treatment processes available in the market.
  • We follow Standard Operational Procedures and stringent quality control measures at all stages of our processes to ensure flawless production. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Company approved by TÜV SÜD Group with strict adherence to our Quality Management Systems.
  • We well maintain the records and documents for tracing back the Quality Parameters, keep the regularly calibrated instruments and equipment, and validation reports for the stringent Quality Checks of the process.

Consistency and Reliability

We are a well-known name in the Industry and are the First Preference for businesses for the most firms and OEM Suppliers and Exporters of the machine parts industry of the Gujarat. Our well Trained and decade old human resource has enabled us to maintain the stringent quality policies and standard operating procedures and to make the highest of the commitments.

Customer Support Services

Our Fast Process Treatment and ‘On-time’ delivery is an added advantage of the process aided by 24 hours of material receipt and dispatch support. Personalized attention is provided to each critical item.


Liquid nitriding is a subcritical surface enhancement process with one of the longest track records of success of any case hardening technology. It is widely used to enhance the wear and corrosion resistance of low alloy steels and stainless steels. All ferrous metals can be nitrided including steel, cast iron, tool steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, SG iron, etc.

Advantages of the Process

  • Excellent resistance to both abrasive as well as adhesive wear
  • Superior fatigue strength due to the reduction of very high residual compressive stresses in the case.
  • Enhances Corrosion Resistance of the surface by many folds.
  • Self-lubricating surface is created which results in the reduction in the coefficient of friction and the ability of the surface to retain lubricant for a very long time.
  • Surface smoothness remains virtually unaffected by the treatment. Surface develops the resistance to atmosphere corrosion, fretting corrosion and cavitation erosion; and hence prevents the material wastage cost.
  • It improves the life and performance of engineering components and tools by several folds. Hence the Least Maintenance, Improved Level of Productivity of Your Machinery, Minimum break-downs of Machinery and the Maximum Output. And Hence Increase the Life of the Machine and Performance.


Our Services reaches most Automobile OEM Brands of India either directly or indirectly through their vendors. Apart from that We also provide services to Machinery parts Manufacturers, Hydraulic parts, Engine Components, Dies and Tools manufacturers.

Inspection Facilities

We have all required inspection instruments and testing facilities required to control the quality of our services which includes

Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
Microscope equipped with HD Digital Camera
Analytical Chemistry Lab
Metallurgical Analysis Software
Sample Preparation Equipments


14, Atika Ind. Area, Dhebar Road (South), Rajkot-360 002,Gujarat (India)

+91 7043322100


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